SEO Tutorials 2017 Urdu/Hindi Part 60 of 100

The complete SEO course/training in Urdu & Hindi. Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization from this tutorials series in Urdu/Hindi, you’ll learn every SEO component step by step with practical examples. And this is a free course.

This course was initially created in 2015, but almost every tutorial is useful and relevant today in the SEO world, because most of the course teaches the basic components of the Search Engine Optimization. Meanwhile, many updated lectures will be added to this course in the last section, so that you can learn most of the things from this course.

Note: the title of the course is not misleading, as all the lectures I’ll be uploading to this course are still useful and relevant in 2017 & beyond. please watch the playlist of 100 videos for missing parts:
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  1. Abid Hussain says:

    ye Kya Hai bataain gy?

  2. Pak studio says:


  3. Deep Singh says:

    Sir some video make in php api please I hope you

  4. Md Ibrahim Koshik says:

    brother you are great

  5. Rahil Ahmed says:

    its part 60. where is part 49 to 59 ?
    and where you taking so long time to upload all videos.?

    • Abdul Wali says:

      Please find the link to the playlist in the description where you’ll find 49 to 59, those were already uploaded and now included in the list. and the reason for not uploading the remaining videos was that I was away from internet, didn’t have a good connection to upload, so now all will be uploaded and new videos too.

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